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The men, women and families that have given great sacrifice for our country deserve recognition. PVAC values each and everyone of them. Our heartfelt thanks is not enough. In 2022, there are over 37,000 homeless veterans in the United States (VA statistics). PVAC is working to lower the number of homeless and struggling veterans here in the Piedmont Region of NC. Past donations helped PVAC bring to fruition and financially contribute to the Veterans Transitional Housing Program in Statesville. There are many success stories of men who have gone through the program and moved out into a home of their own. PVAC's founder, the late Pete Meletis, worked tirelessly to create that program. In 2016, PVAC partnered with Iredell Statesville Community Enrichment Corporation and Diakonos in an effort to help homeless veterans in Iredell County. Pete had a vision to create a home where homeless veterans could get needed services to help them in reaching a goal of becoming self sufficient again.  ISCEC provided a newly renovated home on Wilson Lee Blvd. in Statesville and Diakonos provided the management and services for this program. PVAC has financially donated to the Veteran Transitional Housing Program since its conception. As of 2021, PVAC has donated over $125,000 to the veterans transitional program. Over 67 homeless veterans have successfully transitioned through this program. Pete's wife, Vivian Meletis, is continuing on the same path of his desire to better the lives of homeless and struggling veterans. As PVAC's second President, she proudly represented PVAC in November 2021, in a new "tiny homes" collaborative with Purple Heat Homes and 5TH Street Ministries (campus of Diakonas). This new program is an extension of the Veteran Transitional Housing Program located on the property of 5TH Street Ministries. PVAC raised and donated $11,000 for this new program that began January 2022. PVAC will continue to donate to these programs in memory of Pete Meletis and in honor of homeless veterans.

Even before the pandemic, every community in the U.S. was home to people facing hunger. PVAC has always supported feeding veterans. We strive to locate the communities that are most in need. By partnering with community support programs, PVAC is able to identify veterans in need. PVAC volunteers dedicate time and heartfelt effort to distribute food and build relationships with veterans and their families. When individuals and families have to choose between paying bills and buying groceries, sometimes the food budget is hardest hit. Your donation will help feed veterans and their families. 

Our transportation program is dedicated to getting veterans in need a reliable way to get to their medical and dental appointments. This is a free service that only requires advance notice to secure a vehicle and driver to get veterans and immediate family members a scheduled transport. PVAC has a handicapped accessible van and a full sized car. We provide transportation to several VA locations. Our drivers get to know our transports and offer assistance with finding local support where there is a need. Your donation will help provide transportation to medical, dental and other VA appointments for veterans and their families. 

PVAC uses community resources and has routinely provided household furnishings and clothing to veterans in need. All we do is free of charge. We believe in supporting our veterans however we can. PVAC has many volunteers that help run the organization. We are all supporters of our military. The United States is the land of the free because of the sacrifices of the men and women who defended and protected this country. Our flag still waves because of the dedication of our past and current military personnel.

Financial support can be made several ways. Whichever way you decide to support PVAC, know that your donation will make a difference in the lives of veterans in our local area. 

Consider writing a check that can be sent to PVAC at 1007 Briarcliff Rd. Mooresville, NC 28115. Your tax deductible receipt will be mailed to the address you provide. 

Host a fundraiser. There are many ways to do this. It can be as simple as passing the bucket at a church picnic or as involved as an annual golf tournament. From organized motorcycle rides to 5K's. Maybe a silent auction at your hometown event. Help your kids learn about our veterans by actively getting involved with them in a fundraiser. Whatever your patriotic heart wants to do to show support of our local veterans! We would love to attend or have a photo opportunity for the presentation of your support. 

Online you can donate directly at Network for Good by going to and search us by name or EIN# 47-4579690 or you can use Facebook. They use Network for Good for donations. Use the FB link at the top right of this page to go directly to our Facebook account. We add donation links regularly to "Posts". Network for Good provides your tax deductible receipt. 

Another consideration for easily donating is by adding Piedmont Veterans Assistance Council as your charity when shopping on AmazonSmile or use this link

PVAC offers deep heartfelt thanks to all of our supporters. There is no greater joy than to give someone hope. From that hope, the possibilities are endless.